Custom Graphic Pricing

Prices for custom graphic design often depends on the use of the custom art.  Below is a breakdown of what we charge based on where you are going to use the art.

Blog or Facebook Header

If you are planning on using the graphic as a header for a personal or blog, such as a blogspot or wordpress blog, or a business that does not have its own webpage or online store then this is the option for you.  

Small Business Website

If you have a business that sells products over the web and have your own designated website then you need a catchy logo your customers will recognize.  An eye catching graphic drives business to your site and allows you to maximize your sales.  


NEW ** Tee Shirt Shop

Want to own a highly original shirt?  Want to show your love of fins?  Want to own some wearable original artwork?  Check out my tee shirt shop for a number of original graphic designs.  Pick the color of shirt, your size and it will be printed and shipped to you within two weeks.    Check it out HERE

Apparel Designs

Looking for a cool design to put on you clothing line?  Tell us what your vision is and we will come up with a graphic to suit your needs.  Custom art is what makes clothing sell.  Let us help you launch a successful business with a design that will sell.  Don't use overused clipart or generic graphics to sell your clothing.  Trust an artist that knows the subject and can give you a one of a kind graphic. 

Custom Logo Design & Commercial Work

    If you own a business, blog, Facebook page focusing the outdoor and want a cool digital graphic or customized logo to help promote your name then you have come to the right place.  Over the years I have supplied custom logos and graphic designs for many small businesses and blog owners in the outdoor industry.  Leading companies, including Tenkara USA, Angler 360, The 2013 Tampa Bay BCN Fishing Tournament,and China Fly Outfitters have used my graphics and art for their web advertising and products.  The process is much easier and less expensive than you might think. 


Full Graphics Package

  For those that currently own a larger store or are looking to launch a branded product line and want unlimited use of the graphics, Joel DeJong can fill your needs.  With this package you will receive unlimited use of the final graphic including all trademark and copyrights to the image.  Essentially all rights to the final image will reside with you to do with it whatever you would like.  Run it on teeshirts, branded fly boxes, advertising, business cards, websites, whatever you would like.