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- New Artwork coming here SOON!!!

- October 2014, Tampa Bay BCN holds its annual charity fishing tournament with with (for the second year in a row) top prizes being originals of Joel DeJongs Artwork.

- September 2014, launches new printing process HERE - featuring affordable printing options!!

- July 2014, Fern Valley on the Souqe sports a new logo designed by Joel DeJoing

- July 2014, New paintings are now available 

- Jun 2014 Joel DeJong and Hexfishing will be the featured artist at the annual BCN Tampa Bay fishing tournament for the second year in a row. Event to be held early Oct 2014.

- May 2014, Hexfishing has a new teeshirt shop.  Partnering up with Spreadshirt.com, Hexfishing now has designs ready for you to wear. click hear for more.

- March 2014,  Hexfishing is now on Facebook.  Check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hexfishing . Like us and follow new paintings before they are posted here.

- November 2013,  The Chattooga River Fly Shop of Mountain Rest SC now offers over a dozen original works of art from Joel DeJong for sale.  Stop by and check out all they have to offer.

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Joel DeJong

Ernerst Hemingway once wrote "Write what you know." Artist Joel DeJong took that advice to heart when it came to his paintings.  When he is not sketching out fly patterns or working on a custom watercolors of trophy fish you can find him fishing remote Carolina streams, fishing hexagenia flies in Michigan, or tracking big browns in Montana.  There is no doubt that Joel DeJong knows his subjects and it shows in his artwork and his love for all types of fish.

The Artist Angler

Joel DeJong's passion for the beauty of fishing can't help but translate into his art.  From the brilliant spots on a Brooktrout to the intricate lines of a sunfish or the sea stained flanks of a redfish - this guys loves painting fish!

No style of fishing is off limits, but as an artists Joel DeJong prefers the beauty and presentation that a fly rod can give.  For him, fishing is a passion only other anglers can appreciate.  Check out his original prints here and sport your love of the fish on your walls.  


 For all fishermen its only ever been about hooking into a mess of fish.  From the high mountain streams of the Rockies to the weed beds of the Florida coast and including his native South Carolina rivers, Artist Joel DeJong has a love of hooking beautiful fish.  


  All Fishermen love to sport their love of fishing even when they are miles away from the water.  What better way to show your love of the sport than to  have a truly original piece of apparal.  

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